We boost investment by opening up our economy

There are many reasons why Madrid is the economic and financial capital of Spain and the region with the highest purchasing power. Do you want to know the reasons?

economic engine

  • Largest economy in Spain
  • Leader in business creation
  • Financial market headquarters
  • Legislative and regulatory epicenter


  • Less bureaucracy and legal burdens
  • Freedom of trade
  • Less tax burden
  • Open market law

Committed to innovation & investment

  • Main recipient of DFI
  • Technology hub in Southern Europe
  • Large startup ecosystem
  • Bridge to foreign markets

economic engine

We are the largest economy in Spain

  • Madrid accumulates 19% of Spain’s gross national product, with a total of 240,130 million Euros
  • We are the fifth wealthiest region in Europe
  • We have the highest GDP per capita in Spain: €35,913

We lead the creation of new companies in our country

  • The life expectancy of companies in Madrid is 7.4 years
  • We are also the region that has created the most companies after Covid. The percentage of new companies since then is 2%
  • Madrid has led business growth in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. Of the more than 250,000 companies created in Spain between 2014 and 2020, 22% have been created in Madrid.

Financial market headquarters

  • Madrid is the headquarters of the main bank institutions in our country (Santander, BBVA)
  • The main financial institutions are also based in Madrid: Bank of Spain, Madrid Stock Exchange, IBEX, CNMV.

Legislative and regulatory center

  • Madrid concentrates all governmental and ministerial offices.
  • It is also the headquarters of the Congress of Deputies


We are committed to reducing bureaucracy and legal hurdles

  • Madrid has opened a hotline against hyperregulation to reduce costs and encourage innovation and economic growth

We believe in freedom of trade

  • Any store can be open every day of the year, 24 hours a day.
  • The regional parliament has approved the Open Market Law, which favors the expansion of Spanish companies in Madrid without additional licenses

We reduce taxes

  • Madrid has the lowest personal income tax bracket in Spain
  • 100% subsidy for property tax
  • One of the lowest corporate taxes in Europe: 25%

Madrid never sleeps.
In Madrid, businesses can be open 24 /7

We are committed to innovation and investment

Madrid is the main recipient of direct foreign investment in Spain

  • Madrid has received 62% of foreign investment in the decade of 2010–2020.
  • By 2021, that figure rose to 73%. Three out of every four euros of foreign investment entering Spain goes to Madrid.
  • 40% of foreign companies operating in Spain are headquartered in Madrid

We are the technology hub of Southern Europe

  • Madrid is an interconnection center and a distribution point for data traffic, both in Spain and internationally. The national fiber optic network is one of the most developed in Europe, with a 98% penetration.
  • In addition, Madrid has become the sixth region in number of datacenters in Europe.
  • Madrid Region is second in the EU in terms of the number of people employed in the technology sector (262,300).

Large startup ecosystem

  • Madrid had the highest growth in venture capital and startup investment in Europe between 2020 and 2021, increasing investment more than fivefold to €2,489 million.
  • Madrid ranks fifth internationally in terms of the number of startups and scaleups (behind London, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam), and fourth in size of the startup support ecosystem.
  • The Regional Goverment in Madrid is committed to supporting startups in the region. To this end it has created a dashboard where you can consult the main figures of the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and investment rounds.


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