Madrid has highly skilled human capital

Training excellence

  • Madrid is one of the regions in Europe with the highest percentage of people with university degree.

Competitive costs

  • Professional talent is available at a more competitive cost than the rest of the European Union countries.

Leader in R&D

  • Investment in R&D is higher than in the rest of the country, placing Madrid Region investment among the most advanced in Europe.

Training excellence

  • Madrid has an active population of more than 3.2 million people, 54% of whom have a university degree, compared to the European Union average of 33.3%.
  • Madrid Region has 18 universities of higher education: seven public and twelve private.
  • Madrid is home to three of the most prestigious international business schools: IE Business School, IESE and ESADE.

Competitive costs

  • The labor cost in Spain is 22.9 euros per hour
  • This is the lowest labor cost among Western European countries:
    • 44% less than in France,
    • 21% less than in Italy and
    • 20% lower than the EU-27 average (29.1 euros).

Leader in R&D

  • Madrid is the leading Spanish region in R&D investment, accounting for 26% of the total national GDP allocated to this item.
  • Madrid Region has more than 262,000 people employed in the technology industry: the second largest region in Europe.

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