Expansion: grow up your company

Our aftercare department helps you consolidate and expand your business at all levels.

If your company is already established in Madrid, it is likely that you are looking for ways to expand by opening new subsidiaries and activities or by targeting new markets. Invest In Madrid has an aftercare department that seeks to facilitate post-investment development, as well as acting in advance to avoid operational and/or administrative problems and mitigate relocation risks.

The aim of the aftercare department is to strengthen the presence of foreign companies in our region by helping to promote their economic and social value.

What we do

We focus our work on meeting the needs that your company may have in its establishment in Madrid, such as:

  • Support in the establishment of new areas of the company so that it can operate satisfactorily.
  • Improvement of available resources and infrastructure: search for offices, industry, recruitment of personnel, installation of ICT equipment, energy, etc.
  • Obtaining visas, work permits for family members, operating in free trade zones.
  • Competition legislation, product development, R&D capabilities
  • Training of staff, new facilities, improving connectivity, local value chains
  • International schools, approval of products or services for commercialisation
  • Support services to companies to become strategic leaders, centres of excellence
  • Local R&D, collaboration networks with universities, economic and social partners
  • Agreements and collaboration with tax authorities and other public institution

How we do it

  • Ad hoc consultancy to identify your company’s needs and possibilities for expansion
  • Contact with local partners
    We put you in touch with our network of contacts, both public and private: foreign embassies, bilateral chambers of commerce, law firms, consultancy firms, engineering firms, tax specialists, universities, technology parks, research centres, sectoral, business and trade union associations, cluster associations, etc.

We can be the perfect link for the search of potential partners for the development of your business and we are an excellent platform for the establishment of networking relationships.

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Before investment

Hesitating about where to invest? We provide you with all the information you need to choose Madrid as a destination for setting up your company.

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Have you already decided on Madrid? We advise you in the initial phase of opening your business, so that you have all the information about the steps to take.

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Do you want to grow and gain market share? We provide you with all the tools you need to expand your business in Madrid Region.

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We help you to expand your business

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Invest in Madrid helps you to set up and develop your business in Madrid. We solve doubts and accompany the investor.