Invest In Madrid to participate in Spain Investors Day

Invest In Madrid will promote the Madrid Region's leadership as a destination for foreign investment in Spain at the country's leading foreign investment forum.

Invest In Madrid will participate in the 13th edition of Spain Investors Day, the main meeting between investors and entrepreneurs in Spain. This new edition will be held in Madrid on 11 and 12 January, and will aim to discuss the economic outlook for 2023, as well as to promote investment in a scenario marked by the war in Ukraine and its global consequences. The Community of Madrid will be present through Invest In Madrid, the regional office for the attraction of foreign investment, at a time of absolute leadership. More than 73% of the foreign investment received in Spain in 2021 came from the Region of Madrid.

The Spain Investors Day will be attended by international investors, heads of national listed companies, as well as representatives of the central and regional governments and market regulatory and supervisory bodies. Attendees will analyse the challenges and opportunities offered by the market and Spanish companies, at a time when prudence prevails, awaiting the evolution of the war that has had a decisive impact on the global economy and has caused a strong shock in the geopolitical scenario.

The SID Governing Council, whose honorary president is King Felipe VI, will be chaired by the CEO of Estudio de Comunicación, Benito Berceruelo. In his opinion, in the current economic situation “it is crucial to expose our strengths as a country and convey a message of calm to all those international investors who own more than 50% of the companies listed on the Spanish stock exchange”. Berceruelo also highlighted the opportunity provided by this meeting to offer a broad portrait of the country’s economic reality.

Invest In Madrid’s collaboration in this meeting reinforces the leading role played by the Region of Madrid as a driving force in attracting foreign investment, especially at the current time of economic uncertainty, when companies are looking for financial stability and legal certainty when deciding on their investment destinations. The Region of Madrid will be the first and only Autonomous Region to be present at an edition of Spain Investors Day.