Invest in Madrid is the regional office to assist foreign investors

Professional, confidential services at no cost to the investor.

Invest in Madrid is the office created by the Regional Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment to attract foreign investment to Madrid Region.

We provide services to entrepreneurs and investors who want to establish or expand their business in the capital of Spain or any of the 179 municipalities in Madrid Region, accompanying them throughout the project’s life cycle.

We help you to open your business

We facilitate your expansion

Madrid, the best place to invest

Madrid Region facilitates the establishment of new companies and enables investors to maximise their development potential.


What do we do?

Foreign investor attention

We welcome and assist foreign investors

Invest In Madrid’s main mission is to promote foreign investment in the region. To this end, we assist foreign delegations and individual investors who are considering starting or expanding an economic activity in our region and we channel their requests to increase their property and the chances of success of the projects.

International promotion

We spread internationally the best image of Madrid Region

We also compile and disseminate all available information on the advantages of Madrid Region as an investment destination compared to other competing regions and the rest of Spain. We are a window open to the world to improve the image of our region and reinforce the communication of the numerous opportunities offered by the 179 municipalities of the region.

Creating wealth

We promote the creation of jobs and wealth for the people of Madrid.

The ultimate goal of all this is to create new employment opportunities and wealth for the people of Madrid. Our work is focused on bringing more investment and capital to create new jobs and opportunities.

We help and assist companies

We effectively help companies with any situation

Invest in Madrid is also a fast communication channel between foreign companies already established in the region and the public administration. Our aim is to detect the first signs of attrition in order to prevent relocations and the consequent loss of jobs. When this is not possible, we strive to mediate in order to try to mitigate its effects.


Why invest in Madrid?


We want to tell you...

Senior executives from some of the most important multinationals operating in the Region of Madrid will talk to the Regional Minister of Economy, Finance and Employment, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, about Madrid's role as a driving force in the Spanish economy. This informative breakfast will be opened by the President of the Region, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.