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Madrid offers an upward trajectory for aerospace and aeronautical companies. With foundations based on innovation, strong support infrastructure, and strategic global connections, the Community leverages its historical legacy of exploration to drive a wide range of opportunities for those looking to elevate their operations to the next frontier.

Aerospace Research Center

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Aerospace Research Center



The main companies in the sector located in the Madrid region are centered around two poles of specialization and innovation: the Getafe pole, around which companies specializing in land observation technologies and aircraft component manufacturing technology gravitate, and the space pole of Tres Cantos, with companies specialized in satellite communication.

In the academic field, the Madrid region boasts specialized centers in this industry (UPM, UCIII, URJC), which drive research and innovation in the sector with the most advanced space technology. Additionally, it is home to several top-tier universities and research institutes specialized in aerospace engineering. The region is at the forefront of pioneering advancements in aeronautics, from propulsion systems to materials science, and hosts various leading institutions and centers in this industry (ESA-BIC, National Institute of Aerospace Technology, NASA’s Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex, Center for Astrobiology, etc.).

Here are some statistics about the sector in Spain and Madrid:

  • 155,000 direct and indirect jobs in Spain

  • €5.2 billion in annual revenue in Madrid, accounting for 48% of the total

  • 31% of the industry’s production centers in Spain

  • 62% of the turnover of the Spanish aeronautical sector

  • 95% of the turnover of the national aerospace sector

Principales empresas del sector

+ 400


+ 24.000

Puestos de trabajo

9.000 M€

Cifra de negocios en la Comunidad de Madrid, 45% del total nacional

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