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The Madrid region offers access to one of the most attractive technological markets in Europe, large in size but manageable and educated enough to be used as a testing ground for new technologies and services in digital areas linked to traditional industries undergoing disruption.

Artificial intelligence

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Artificial intelligence



In addition to local demand, Madrid serves as the natural gateway for European technology companies to emerging markets in Latin America and North Africa, and vice versa.

Madrid boasts abundant technological talent. The region provides a highly educated and competitive workforce, diverse and flexible, well-prepared for knowledge-based economic activities. It also offers ideal conditions for attracting and retaining foreign professionals, with technical or business profiles.

Furthermore, Madrid complements its privileged location with one of the most advanced and competitive infrastructures in Europe. The telecommunications market is liberalized, with multiple companies operating in the country. Strong investments in recent years have resulted in next-generation networks with first-class international connectivity.

In conclusion, Madrid has the scale, local community, and support networks that new investors need to succeed, as well as the banks, funds, and private capital necessary to fuel new businesses.

Here are some statistics about the ICT, media, and audiovisual services sector in the Madrid region:

  • Over 9,400 companies in the ICT, media, and audiovisual services sector in the CM.

  • Over €79.8 billion in annual revenue in the Madrid region, accounting for 69% of the national total.

  • 248,000 employees in sector companies in the CM.

  • Over 85,000 university students in engineering, sciences, or architecture.

  • Over 2,200 technology startups.

Multinacionales tecnológicas que han establecido o ampliado recientemente sus actividades en la Comunidad de Madrid

+ 400


+ 24.000

Puestos de trabajo

9.000 M€

Cifra de negocios en la Comunidad de Madrid, 45% del total nacional

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