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Invest in Madrid is the one-stop shop for foreign investors.

We accompany you in the creation, establishment, and expansion of your company in Madrid.

Centro de Investigación Aeroespacial


The Madrid region eliminates bureaucracy to allow you to open your company quickly and efficiently.

Administrative agility


Open line against hyper-regulation

Are you facing difficulties due to a maze of laws while trying to start your business?
The Open Line against hyper-regulation provides a direct communication channel with the Administration for you to raise regulatory issues encountered during the establishment of your company.


Investment Accelerator

The Investment Accelerator enables the fast and efficient processing of projects declared of special interest.
What requirements are demanded from the projects?

  • Generation of fifty or more job positions.
  • Investment in fixed assets of ten million euros or more, excluding real estate assets.
  • Investment in fixed assets of energy facilities of twenty-four million euros or more.


Regional Scope Projects

Does your project cover a large territory? Do you believe it may have significant social or economic impact?
You can achieve immediate execution of your project without getting lost in administrative permits.
The Madrid region will assess whether your project is of public interest to qualify it as a Regional Scope Project.
Invest in Madrid helps you obtain the regional interest declaration. Contact us.

Spaces and landplots

¿Necesitas una ubicación para tu negocio?

Invest in Madrid te ayuda a encontrarlo, y te asesora sobre posibilidades de inversión en los diferentes desarrollos estratégicos que se están llevando a cabo en la región.


Land Plots 4.0 Website

Consult the best location for your business on the Madrid region’s Land Plots 4.0 website.
The information on the portal details the purpose (residential, tertiary, commercial, or other) and the arrangement (sale, rental, concession, or surface right) of over 500 primarily finalized plots distributed across 51 municipalities in the region.



Planifica Madrid is another tool that helps manage construction and infrastructure projects in Madrid, as well as the management of urbanized land for various purposes.


Industrial Parks

Below is a map featuring some of the key industrial estates in th Community of Madrid.

espacios-y-suelos data-lazy-srcset=


New developments in the region

Some examples of the most relevant developments in the region.


Madrid Nuevo Norte

Madrid Nuevo Norte stands as the most significant urban transformation endeavour in Madrid and a major initiative across Europe. Crafted to elevate the quality of life for its residents, the project envisions
forging a more efficient, sustainable, and prosperous Madrid.

Madrid-Nuevo-Norte@x1.jpg data-lazy-srcset=

3.356.196 m2


Arganda del Rey

The Arganda del Rey Logistics Park will be an Intermodal Logistics Platform aimed at strengthening the logistical potential of the Community of Madrid. This initiative positions Madrid as a key hub in international freight transportation exchanges, leveraging the advantages of its unique location.

Arganda@x1.jpg data-lazy-srcset=

2.766.500 m2



The Carpetania Business Park, located in Getafe, is fully integrated into the economic-cultural fabric of industrial and technological innovation in Madrid, thanks to its connections with universities in the metropolitan area of the capital and with research and development institutes and decision-making centres..

Carpetania@x1.jpg data-lazy-srcset=

1.750.000 m2



An industrial, logistical, and tertiary-use business park in the Corredor del Henares, offering high-quality developed land to address the demand for the establishment of industrial, logistical, and commercial activities.

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Do you want to know what aids you can apply for? Do you need assistance with your application? Contact us.

At Invest in Madrid, we keep you updated on the specific helplines for investors and foreign funds, as well as on calls for aid from all public agencies.

Additionally, there are specific helplines for investors and foreign funds.

Aids and



Financial support programs designed to drive tangible investments, whether to facilitate the establishment or expansion of a company during pivotal stages of its development, promote the modernization of its facilities or processes, or adapt them for greater energy savings and efficiency.


Research, development and innovation

Support programs aimed at boosting the execution of R&D&I projects, easing the challenge of securing financing due to their inherent higher risk.


Talent and employment

Incentives aimed at promoting the training and hiring of talent.


Carbon neutrality

Helplines for promoting carbon neutrality and electric mobility.



Lines of aid aimed at fostering the digital transformation of Madrid’s productive fabric, through the digitization of processes, products, and services of companies and public administrations in Madrid.


Specific aid for foreign investors and funds

Regional and state incentives aimed at promoting foreign investment to boost strategic sectors.


The European Funds are key contributors to Madrid’s economic growth.

The Madrid government acknowledges the crucial role that European Funds play in fostering economic development and driving transformation in key areas such as digitization, sustainability, and urban mobility. There is a strong focus on ensuring efficiency and the successful implementation of funded projects


Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation

The addendum to the Recovery Plan, will allocate nearly 27 billion in additional resources to Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTEs),

Discover the most important PERTEs

The Madrid Region has promoted the creation of clusters to enhance the innovation and technological development capabilities of businesses, increasing productivity and competitiveness. This initiative contributes to the economic revitalization of the region.



Science and Technology Parks

The Madrid región has 6 Science and Technology Parks specialized by sector, integrating universities, research centres, and businesses. It also has a network of incubators for the initial stages of project development.

Mapa de parque científicos y tecnológicos


Clusters of the Madrid region

Los 6 clústeres de la Comunidad de Madrid actúan como instrumentos estratégicos para la digitalización de la región y para reforzar el papel de Madrid como nodo digital del sur de Europa.


Clusters of Technological Innovation and Talent

The Technological Innovation and Talent Clusters (CITT) aim to facilitate public-private synergies, detect needs and strengths of the respective sectors, increase the development capacity in the Community of Madrid and the transfer of knowledge.


Clusters for the Madrid City Council

The clusters in the Madrid region are complemented by those initiated by the City Council in areas like Big Data, Cybersecurity, Construction, Engineering, Circular Economy, Fintech, e-Health, and Video Games in recent years.

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