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Audiovisual and videogames

Audiovisual and Videogames


The Madrid region boasts a powerful audiovisual and video game industry, with a long history of development and production. Madrid is the leading Spanish-speaking hub of the creative and audiovisual industry, acting as a node for the rest of the national industry.

Audiovisual and Videogames

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Audiovisual and Videogames



It’s a rich tapestry of well-trained and prestigious professionals, with great technical, artistic, and creative capacity, along with solid experience in both national and international film shoots. Madrid attracts and retains creative and technical talent in the audiovisual sector. The presence of specialized schools and programs contributes to the continuous development of qualified professionals (e.g., ECAM, U-Tad, Lightbox Academy, Planeta, Trazos…).

Moreover, Madrid offers predictable and competitive labor, operating, and living costs in a low-risk environment within the European Union. The Madrid audiovisual industry stands out as a highly competitive option within Europe, offering an optimal balance between quality and profitability.

Here are some statistics about the sector in Madrid:

  • 31% of the country’s animation and visual effects companies.

  • 25% of the video game companies.

  • 950 Productions in 2022, in at least 61 municipalities.

  • 35% of film productions in Spain.

  • €7.4 billion in revenue (75% of national revenue).

  • 27,000 jobs, accounting for 40% of the national total.

  • 3,600 Companies, representing 29% of the national total.

Actores clave de las industria creativa y audiovisual en la Comunidad de Madrid

+ 400


+ 24.000

Puestos de trabajo

9.000 M€

Cifra de negocios en la Comunidad de Madrid, 45% del total nacional

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