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Microelectronics and Semiconductors


The Madrid region is promoting the establishment of a semiconductor industry hub within its territory. It has key players along parts of the value chain of the sector, whose activities could be leveraged by companies focused on the currently weaker links.

Advanced high precision robots

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Advanced high precision robots



Design, technological integrators, component manufacturers, R&D centers, educational centers, end demand, manufacturing, assembly, testing.

This effort aligns with current strategic plans at the European (EU Chip Act), National (PERTE Chip), and regional levels that will mobilize over €12.5 billion in Spain alone to accelerate the development of the sector and turn the country into a European reference hub in the industry. This will be achieved through the construction of infrastructure, attraction of technological leaders and key startups, and integration of local players into global communities.

In summary, Madrid offers a regional value proposition that combines cutting-edge innovation, a favorable business environment, skilled labor, availability of land and energy, and strategic connectivity.

Here are some key points about the semiconductor industry in the Madrid region:

  • Over 3 million square meters of industrial land.

  • Confluence of European and national strategic plans: EU Chip Act and PERTE Chip.

  • Presence of the Technology Innovation and Talent Cluster in Semiconductors.

  • High demand for semiconductors from defense, transportation, and aerospace industries.

Ecosistema de semiconductores en la Comunidad de Madrid

+ 400


+ 24.000

Puestos de trabajo

9.000 M€

Cifra de negocios en la Comunidad de Madrid, 45% del total nacional

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