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We accompany you during the creation, establishment, and expansion of your company in Madrid.

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What do we do
at Invest in Madrid?

We guide and accompany individual or corporate investors throughout the entire lifecycle of the project, with professionalism, confidentiality, and at no cost.

We support companies throughout their investment project in our community, from requesting information about opening a company to its installation and subsequent expansion.

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A team of qualified professionals, specialists in different strategic sectors, handle requests from any investor interested in our region, facilitating the establishment of businesses in any of the 179 municipalities that make up the Community of Madrid.

Organization and strategy


Luis Socías Uribe is the Executive Director of Invest in Madrid. 

See Luis Socías Bio


Responsible for promoting the Community of Madrid as an investment destination, as well as receiving projects and providing investor support and assistance throughout the lifecycle of their project.


Aimed at already established companies, to boost their growth in the region by giving them support in the administrative, operational and strategic processes in their expansion projects.

Institutional Relations

Responsible for Invest in Madrid’s public relations with other stakeholders, both public and private.


Responsible for promoting the dissemination of Invest in Madrid’s actions and foreign direct investment.

To achieve the objectives set by the Community of Madrid regarding the attraction of foreign investment, Invest in Madrid has designed a 2023 – 2027 strategic plan that revolves around the following axes of action:

Strong commitment to sectoral and territorial specialization

The Strategic Plan aims to establish a sectoral and territorial vision to offer specialized support and advice tailored to the needs of investors.

a. Evolution and analysis of the investor’s roadmap
b. Adaptation of the service portfolio
c. Contribution to high-tech industry

Organization and leadership of the FDI ecosystem

Invest in Madrid must lay the groundwork to become a reference agent in the foreign direct investment ecosystem; in this sense, the plan should lead to the definition of a series of actions to guarantee this leadership

a. Fundraising for the FDI ecosystem in the Community of Madrid
b. Reinforcement, leadership, and organization of institutional relationships and the stakeholder ecosystem
c. Relevance of relationships and collaborations

Boosting communication and dissemination around FDI

Communication is particularly important in Invest in Madrid’s activity, as it seeks to promote the dissemination of its own actions and foreign direct investment.

a. Brand presence, visibility vectors, and promotion of corporate identity
b. Boost communication and dissemination of foreign investment milestones and Invest in Madrid’s activity
c. Planning and promotion of the international agenda of the president and the counselor of Economy, Finance, and Employment

Invest in Madrid
in numbers

Our actions and activity represent a direct investment of €1,626.16 million and the creation of 2,343 jobs.

In 2023 alone, 43 projects have been confirmed.

This represents a 25.4% conversion ratio, much higher than the average of APIs (between 4-6%).

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Invest in Madrid facilitates the installation and establishment of companies in Madrid from the moment they express their intention to invest in the region, with a free and professional consulting service.

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