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Raven: Disruption as Value Proposition

The Chilean tech company Raven brought its headquarters to Madrid from Delaware and plans to expand its business to the rest of Europe from here.

“We design to Build” is the motto of the Chilean tech company Raven, which landed in the Community of Madrid a few months ago with a new proposal to help grow businesses established here.


It is a technology-based service company that helps others accelerate their businesses and reach new markets through disruptive proposals. A tech company specialized in business development for companies but outside the classic norms. It designs, builds, and executes disruptive businesses for companies. They research and capture valuable ideas which they then turn into commercial proposals for companies to evolve and grow. Disruption is their own value proposition.


And what is disruption? “It’s the reformulation of the basic principles of companies through the proposal of new growth models and value propositions,” explains Raven’s CEO, JJ de la Torre. “We help them grow beyond their core business, beyond what they do day-to-day, by seeking ways to launch new businesses in a faster and more powerful way, capturing value that was not captured until then.”


The idea is to differentiate the company from its competitors with a product or value proposition that questions the very foundations of the business.


Arrival in Madrid


Raven has chosen the Community of Madrid to make the definitive leap to Europe and the Middle East, relocating its headquarters here from Delaware, United States. In a coworking space located in the center of the capital, the tech company has opened an integrated office where they develop all the axes of their activity: business development or business design, usability and content factory, growth and analytics, and technological development.


“Madrid has the perfect location to expand our business to Southern Europe and other markets like the Middle East,” clarifies J.J., who also noted the regional commitment to creating professionals with a strong technological profile. “We have also found senior talent that has integrated into the project and has taken on business development or leadership roles. It has been a very good landing in terms of talent.” Since their arrival, the Chilean company has expanded its team by 11 people, a number they expect to double “at a minimum” over the course of this year.


The CEO also praises the business climate and the quality of life that Madrid offers. “Madrid is a very cosmopolitan region where you can live and work very well. Additionally, it offers us great access to clients with whom we can work and develop our business.”


All of this has led them to relocate 90% of the management team here. “Our commitment goes hand in hand with Madrid’s value proposition and its definition as a fundamental axis in our growth and international expansion,” he concludes.


Support from Invest in Madrid


Raven began considering Madrid as its headquarters thanks to a seminar cycle trip organized by Invest in Madrid to Chile and Colombia in the summer of 2022. “There we learned about the ecosystem and the facilities available, and that’s when we considered this community could be an opportunity. Additionally, we already worked with companies that have headquarters here, so we also considered it a natural evolution from the business development side. Madrid meets all the elements we needed to develop our business.”


The establishment of this company in Madrid was done with the support of Invest in Madrid. “Invest helped us guide us through the steps and the various bureaucratic elements that we had to solve. It has been all very easy.”


JJ ends by recommending Latin American investors to consider other options beyond the United States. And Madrid emerges as the great alternative.

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