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Commitment to ethical and responsible conduct

Commitment to ethical and responsible conduct

The foreign investor expresses their utmost will and commitment to ethical, responsible and sustainable conduct, as well as due compliance to the regulations applicable to all their activities and operations. In this sense, they commit to duly complying with the regulatory framework that applies to them, as well as implementing ethical, responsible and crime-preventing procedures and/or policy measures.

Said commitment requires the investor to formally transmit this ethical and responsible conduct duty to all those involved and/or all participants in their business area and/or project in Invest In Madrid; specifically, to all employees, executives, collaborators, providers, clients and, in general, any person or entity related to them.

As a way to facilitate follow-up and implementation of said commitment, Invest In Madrid has developed conduct guidelines and guides for the appropriate follow-up and implementation of the aforementioned commitment. As a result, a corporate Code of Ethics was developed. It establishes the principles and values of ethical and responsible conduct, along with the rights, duties and responsibilities in terms of regulatory compliance of Invest In Madrid to all the people involved in this project.

Thus, the investor declares they have access to the aforementioned Code of Ethics, which they are aware of and voluntarily assume, for the purposes of applying the commitments and obligations included therein. In this sense, the investor commits to always acting with due diligence, in the interest of guaranteeing regulatory compliance, and, in particular, of preventing corporate criminal liability that could arise from their conduct.

Likewise, the investor commits to responding to the veracity of the data included on the platform and to the correct use of the information, professional services and tools provided by Invest In Madrid, in any moment from the start, set-up and subsequent expansion of the business.

Finally, as a guarantee of the exact and appropriate application of our ethical and responsible commitment, the investor assumes the responsibility of communicating to Invest In Madrid any indication, suspicion or evidence of possible regulatory non-compliance, crimes, unethical conduct and, in general, actions or conduct that run counter to the entity’s protocols, regulations and codes of conduct, included in the aforementioned Code of Ethics; through the Internal Information System provided for that purpose. All this with the guarantees and requirements of confidentiality, data protection, independence and protection of the informant established by the regulatory framework applicable to said System.

Invest In Madrid appreciates your support and collaboration with our commitment to ethics and regulatory compliance, as a mechanism for detecting any irregularities and aligning your responsible conduct with the fundamental values and principles that underly the ethical culture of our entity.

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