Hotel 101 completes the acquisition of land in Valdebebas to build a large hotel complex

The Philippine chain Hotel101 Global, a subsidiary of DoubleDragon Corporation, has completed the purchase of commercial land in the Valdebebas neighborhood for the construction of its Hotel101 in Madrid. The project, announced last April, involves the projection of a 736-room hotel, with an all-day dining restaurant, a business center, pool, gym, and commercial space for 24-hour shops.

The acquisition of land in Valdebebas was the next step in realizing this project, which aims to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2025, as announced by the hotel chain itself.


This is the first project that this Philippine chain has undertaken in Europe, choosing the Madrid Region in this case. Invest in Madrid has advised this company since the contact was initiated over a year ago. Resolving administrative doubts about obtaining visas has been the focus of Invest in Madrid’s advisory work, which has accompanied the company for all these months to ensure that the land purchase is executed without incidents.


The investment reinforces the strength of the hotel sector in the Madrid Region. Company spokespeople have stated that they could generate up to 143 million euros in revenue due to “the high demand for real estate investment in Madrid driven by the Spanish Golden Visa.”


The possibility of obtaining the Golden Visa is one of the services that the hotel will offer its clients, who will be able to purchase rooms as property. DoubleDragon/Hotel101 Global President Edgar Injap Sia II has stated that purchasing real estate assets through this formula “will add economic activity through land acquisition, construction team salaries, and long-term recurring taxes that this project will bring.”


“We are delighted to have been able to materialize this investment, which will bring wealth and employment to the Madrid Region,” said Luis Socías, executive director of the Agency for the Promotion and Attraction of Foreign Investment of the Madrid Region. “Our work is to accompany foreign investors during their establishment in the region, serving as a one-stop shop so that any doubts, incidents, or problems they have can be resolved through a single interlocutor. This announcement is great news for everyone and consolidates the leadership of the  Madrid Region in attracting investments and as the economic engine of our country,” he concludes.

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