Land Plots in Madrid Region

Madrid Region Goverment provides users and investors with a useful tool to inquire about plots and lands available for sale or concession.

When bringing a new project in Community of Madrid, you may need to know what lands and plots are available to run up your business. For this purpose, the Land 4.0 Portal is the computer tool that allows, through a visual selector, consulting the location and characteristics of plots owned by the Community of Madrid or other municipalities in the region, that are available for sale or concession.

Accede al portal del suelo 4.0 de la Comunidad de Madrid

This tool gathers a large amount of information that was previously scattered across different public land management entities in the region, thus promoting transparency in public land management. Currently, 110 managers, including organizations, entities from the Community of Madrid, consortia, and in particular, almost 100 municipalities, are participating. Many others are in the process of joining, as the invitation to participate in the Portal has been extended to all 179 municipalities in the region.

The Portal has been well-received by users. In fact, the value of the plots alienated to date that have been previously published on the Portal, amounts to more than 560 million Euros. Thus, the Portal receives a monthly volume of visits close to 7,000.

Parcel information includes, among other parameters: main use, surface area, building index, classification, regime, location, cadastral reference, managing body, or state of urbanization. Additionally, other tools have been implemented to filter plots based on both geometry and urbanistic parameters. These tolos are designed to meet the needs of investors, so that they can easily and quickly reach the desired land, with information available in Spanish and English, and with access to Open Data in csv and json formats.

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