The Madrid Region attracts several investment projects from Argentina

The capital from Argentina has chosen the Madrid Region as its destination for internationalization plans. The intense schedule of meetings with Argentine entrepreneurs maintained by Invest in Madrid during its recent tour of Argentina has resulted in the commitment of several of them to open a branch of their business in the Madrid Region, as they themselves have expressed in the 25 bilateral meetings held during these days.

The goal of this tour was to attract projects to the region, which took a team from Invest in Madrid, led by its executive director, Luis Socías, for three days to learn about the business fabric and the entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem of Buenos Aires and Rosario, two of the most economically dynamic areas of the Southern American country.


During this institutional visit, the director of Invest in Madrid and his team held a schedule of 25 meetings with companies, in addition to various meetings and forums with other agents and institutions in Argentina, where they presented the advantages that the Madrid Region offers to foreign investors in terms of legal security, profitability, low taxation, and institutional stability.


Furthermore, they visited different innovation projects carried out both by the Argentine Public Administration and the private sector, with the intention of sharing lines of action to develop common strategic objectives related to high-value-added sectors such as digitization, mobility, or biotechnology.


Getting to know the Buenos Aires ecosystem


The first day of the visit took place in the City of Buenos Aires, where Invest in Madrid was able to learn about some of the most cutting-edge initiatives such as the Innovation Park, where the commitment to sustainable mobility was evident.


Subsequently, Luis Socías participated in a session with companies and investors from the ICT sector to attract cybersecurity or artificial intelligence projects, an event that took place at the CAECE University, located in the technological district of Buenos Aires. The startup strategy also had a place on this first day with the visit to Expansión Holdings, with whom they aim to find new business models for these emerging companies in Argentina.


Investment Forum

The highlight of the institutional trip took place during the second day with the Investment Forum, a meeting with more than 100 Argentine entrepreneurs who were explained firsthand the many competitive advantages that the Madrid Region offers to foreign investors. At the event, organized with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce of the Argentine Republic, Luis Socías highlighted the “predictability, trust, stability, and legal security that the Madrid Region offers to investors who want to bet on it.”


During the event, two success stories of Argentine capital companies in Madrid were presented: Insud Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company, and Globant, an Argentine unicorn in software engineering and information technology. At the end of the event, the three representatives of Invest in Madrid held a large number of individual meetings with Argentine investors to analyze possible investment projects in the Madrid Region.


Rosario, a powerful business hub


On the third day, the Invest in Madrid team traveled to the Metropolitan Area of Rosario, in the province of Santa Fe. There, they had the opportunity to learn about the city’s innovation ecosystem, which has stood out for promoting and fostering emerging companies related to the biotechnology sector. Invest in Madrid held numerous personal meetings with companies in the city on this third and final day, which showed interest in opening an innovation project in the Madrid Region given the facilities that the region offers for these types of projects.


Commitment to Ibero-American investment


Invest in Madrid’s trip to Argentina is part of the collaboration agreement signed three months ago between the Department of Economy, Finance, and Employment of Madrid Region and the Ministry of Economic Development and Production of the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The agreement aims to promote business internationalization and mutual cooperation in foreign trade.


Invest in Madrid’s visit to Argentina is further evidence of the Madrid Region’s strong commitment to attracting investments from Ibero-America to the region, a key area for Madrid’s productive development. Argentina is the fifth country in the region visited in person by Invest in Madrid, following Mexico, Chile, Colombia, and Peru.


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