The Madrid Region travels to London to attract projects in the United Kingdom

The Minister of Economy, Finance and Employment will hold meetings with businessmen, institutions and funds to explain the advantages that the region offers for foreign capital.

February 19, 2024 – The Madrid Region will travel this week to London to attract projects in the United Kingdom, the third country with the most investments in Spain and the region. Thus, and for two days, the Minister of Economy, Finance, and Employment, Rocío Albert, accompanied by members of Invest in Madrid, will maintain an intense agenda of meetings and seminars with different profiles of the British economic fabric: companies, funds, corporations, institutions, and agencies.

Accompanied by members of Invest in Madrid, she will also visit the London School Of Economics, a globally renowned university in economic matters. The Regional Government’s Sales Handbook will be presented, a useful tool for potential foreign investors.

She will present to all of them the numerous advantages of the Community for foreign capital in terms of security, profitability, and protection. Among the scheduled meetings, highlights include the law firm DLA Piper; the investment fund Bain Capital, owner of the aeronautics company ITP Aero; or the agency for economic and business growth in the region London & Partners, counterpart of Invest in Madrid.


The delegation will also visit one of the world’s leading universities in economic and social education, such as the London School of Economics, where the minister will interact with students.


In addition, Invest in Madrid is bringing its seminar “Madrid Investment Forum” to London, where Albert will present to dozens of British entrepreneurs the Sales Handbook of the Community of Madrid. This dossier, designed to guide foreign investors on the best investment opportunities, delves into the opportunities offered by the region in sectors such as aeronautics and biopharmaceuticals, as well as major initiatives that are currently in the pipeline or under development, such as the Formula 1 World Championship circuit, the Cybersecurity Agency, or the new City of Justice.

The United Kingdom is one of the main countries for the Spanish and Madrid economy. As the third country with investments in our country (60.107 billion euros in stock at the beginning of 2022), its companies maintain 151,287 direct jobs in Spain, with Madrid being the region that accumulates the highest volume of such employment in Spain (36.5% of the total, 55,236 jobs). With these figures, the United Kingdom is the fourth country that generates the most local employment, accounting for 8.6% of the total, behind France, the United States, and Germany (13.6%).

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