The Madrid Region travels to Paris to attract new investment projects in the region

For two days, Invest in Madrid will hold meetings with various French investment companies and institutions.

January 29, 2024 – The Madrid Region continues its prospecting trips to attract foreign investment in strategic countries for the region’s economy. Invest in Madrid, the office for the promotion and attraction of foreign investment in the Madrid Region, begins a two-day tour to Paris today to attract new investment projects. The director of Invest in Madrid, Luis Socías, along with representatives from the project team, will maintain an institutional agenda of meetings, encounters, and forums with companies and institutions during this visit, where they will present Madrid’s advantages for foreign capital in terms of legal security, profitability, low taxation, and institutional stability.


This initiative in France is part of the collaboration agreement signed between the Madrid Region and the Île-de-France region in November 2022. According to the Memorandum of Understanding signed at that time, the governments of both regions committed to collaborating on environmental, economic, and cultural matters. Thus, within the collaborations in the economic field, the boost of research and innovation projects was announced, as well as high-tech projects, business incubators, and innovation centers.


Among the planned activities for these two days, the organization of an investment forum stands out, with about fifty representatives from French companies and investment funds, as well as several visits to headquarters of important French companies or to relevant infrastructures for the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship such as Station F. Representatives of Invest in Madrid also have several B2B meetings scheduled with entrepreneurs who have shown interest in the region, where they will explain the investment opportunities currently being projected in the region.


France is one of the most important countries for the economy of the Madrid Region. As the third investor after the United Kingdom and the United States, 56.4% of French investment flows in Spain – 39.001 billion euros – have landed in the Madrid Region since records began. A figure that has increased over the past decade: from 2013 to 2022, the Madrid Region has received 65.3% of all investment that has entered Spain from France.


In terms of employment figures, the relevance of France increases even more. French companies generate the most employment in both Spain and the Madrid Region. 127,782 jobs in our region are directly linked to French investments, accounting for 33.6% of the employment created in Spain by French capital and 22.4% of foreign investment-related employment in our region.





Invest in Madrid is the agency for attracting foreign investment in the Madrid Region, attached to the Madrid for Competitiveness Foundation. Its objectives are the international promotion of the region as a destination for new projects. In this sense, it acts as a single interlocutor with the investor, conveying their concerns and needs to the competent local authorities, thereby streamlining all administrative procedures and the necessary times for the start of business activities.

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