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Gracias a las ventajas competitivas que señalan a los sectores en los que conseguir altos retornos para la inversión:

Centro de Investigación Aeroespacial

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Centro de Investigación Aeroespacial



The Madrid region holds a privileged geostrategic position, exceptional capacity, and connectivity to become the interconnection hub of Southern Europe, favoring the arrival of cloud service providers, data centers, and interconnection.

The increasing density and capacity of data centers, proximity to major submarine cabling systems, advanced telecommunications network, and stable electrical grid facilitate the deployment and connection of cloud services that companies and public organizations demand today, within a secure legal framework and favorable tax regime.

Therefore, major technology multinationals (Microsoft, Google, Amazon -AWS-, IBM, Oracle, etc.) have chosen the Community to meet the increasing demand and carry out deployments of their cloud regions in Spain, generating an ecosystem around their data centers. The growing adoption of public cloud or the widespread consumption of services requiring low latency are leading local demand, supported by the Office for Promoting Data Processing Centers of the Community.

Here are some statistics about data centers in the Madrid region:

  • 37 data centers in the Madrid region.

  • 154 MW of installed capacity.

  • Estimated 705 MW of installed capacity for the coming years.

  • Over €6 billion in direct investment planned for the next five years.

  • Additional indirect investment of €10 billion.

Principales empresas de centros de datos e hyperscalers en la Comunidad de Madrid

+ 400


+ 24.000

Puestos de trabajo

9.000 M€

Cifra de negocios en la Comunidad de Madrid, 45% del total nacional

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