Gallantdale or How to Reinvent Uniforms

Learn about Gallantdale, the Mexican fashion brand for medical uniforms, which opened its European boutique in Madrid two years ago with the assistance of Invest in Madrid.

The fashion brand Gallantdale arrived in Madrid two years ago. This clothing brand, which aims to introduce criteria as seemingly unrelated as fashion and aesthetics into the world of medical uniforms, has been successful for years in Mexico, its home country, where it has even opened up to 37 stores.

With an initial investment of one million euros, it has five employees in its Madrid boutique, including salespeople, logistics personnel, and administrative staff. It is from there, from its luxury location in the ABC de Serrano shopping center, in the heart of Madrid’s Golden Mile, that it launches its conceptual proposal: uniformity can have a thousand colors.


We spoke with Israel García Ramírez, its general director.

How would you define your company’s activity?

We are the medical uniform brand committed to empowering healthcare professionals through fashion, functionality, comfort, and technology in our products.

Israel García Ramírez, director general de Gallantdale en España

Israel García Ramírez, General Director of Gallantdale in Spain

What expectations did you have with your establishment in our Region? Have they been fulfilled?

We have been taking it step by step; undoubtedly, it’s not the pace we are used to in Mexico, but we are happy with what we have achieved to date.

What perspectives do you have for your immediate future?

To build customer loyalty and seek out large hospitals like Sanitas and Adeslas, where we can find more robust supplies. We want to generate a return on investment to expand throughout Europe.

What advantages has the Madrid Region offered you when establishing yourselves?

It is a multicultural city with which we also share a language. And, as we all know, it is trendy!

What would you recommend to other foreign investors who are thinking of opening their business in Madrid?

To gather information on relevant regulations, conduct market research, have a well-grounded business plan, and above all, dedicate time and effort to the project.

Finally, how has the relationship been with Invest In Madrid?

Very cordial. They are friendly people. We are eager to continue contributing and to be taken into account, and we appreciate the opportunity to share more about our company.

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