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The Madrid Region attracts several investment projects from Argentina
The capital from Argentina has chosen the Madrid Region as its destination for internationalization plans. The intense schedule of meetings with Argentine entrepreneurs maintained by Invest in Madrid during its recent tour of Argentina has resulted in the commitment of several of them to open a branch of their business in the Madrid Region, as they themselves have expressed in the 25 bilateral meetings held during these days.
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Invest in Madrid is traveling to Argentina to attract new investment projects to the region
The Madrid Region begins a three-day tour today in Argentina to attract new investment projects to the region. The director of Invest in Madrid, Luis Socías, will maintain during this institutional visit an agenda of meetings, encounters, and forums with companies and institutions to present the advantages offered to foreign capital in terms of legal security, profitability, low taxation, and institutional stability.
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Land Plots in Madrid Region
Madrid Region Goverment provides users and investors with a useful tool to inquire about plots and lands available for sale or concession.
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Gallantdale or How to Reinvent Uniforms
Learn about Gallantdale, the Mexican fashion brand for medical uniforms, which opened its European boutique in Madrid two years ago with the assistance of Invest in Madrid.
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Hotel 101 completes the acquisition of land in Valdebebas to build a large hotel complex
The Philippine chain Hotel101 Global, a subsidiary of DoubleDragon Corporation, has completed the purchase of commercial land in the Valdebebas neighborhood for the construction of its Hotel101 in Madrid. The project, announced last April, involves the projection of a 736-room hotel, with an all-day dining restaurant, a business center, pool, gym, and commercial space for 24-hour shops.
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Investment Insights into German Investment in the Madrid Region
Invest in Madrid has held its FDI Insights for the second time. The second edition of this meeting on country-specific investment focused on the figures coming into the Madrid Region from Germany, one of the strategic countries for the Madrid and Spanish economies.
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Cemex Incorporates Two New Quarries into Its Aggregate Operations in the Central Zone
Invest in Madrid has collaborated with the Mexican cement company CEMEX in its acquisition of two aggregate quarries in the Community of Madrid from Heidelberg Materials. With this move, CEMEX aims to strengthen its materials offering for the major infrastructure projects planned for the capital.
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Visa for Digital Nomads
In the Community of Madrid and the rest of Spain, foreign workers can obtain a visa to telecommute for companies outside the European Union, with reduced taxation.
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The Startup Law Aims to Attract Foreign Investment
The startup law offers a series of tax and bureaucratic advantages to facilitate foreign investment in emerging companies. Additionally, it streamlines the residency permits for foreigners with the aim of retaining highly skilled talent.
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